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I pledge to explore and take into account the environmental, economic, and social sustainability consequences of my daily life and/or career at SDSU; furthermore, I will strive to improve these aspects within my life and any organization for which I will belong in the future.

Pledge to one action in each pillar.
* I am a...
* To be more environmentally sustainable, I pledge to...
Recycle all plastic, glass, paper, cans, and cardboard
Bike or walk to campus or class once a week
Use a reusable water bottle 3 times a week
Unplug my electronics when not in use for more than an hour
Turn the water off when I brush my teeth
* To be more economically sustainable, I pledge to....
Shop locally, when possible, instead of online
Buy only what I can afford
Set aside money monthly to use for an emergency or special event in the future
Purchase products from companies centered around at least one pillar of sustainability when available and economically feasible
Donate money monthly to an organization that helps feed, educate, or shelter people in need
* To be more socially sustainable, I pledge to...
Volunteer monthly at a local organization
Donate used goods to a local group such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Goodwill
Participate in a diversity event held on campus
Advocate for providing access to basic human needs (i.e. clean water, healthcare, and nutritious food)
Reach out to help an individual in need
   We would like to recognize those who take the sustainability pledge. By placing your name here, it will appear on the sustainability pledge website to celebrate that you have taken the sustainability pledge.
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South Dakota State University collects, stores and uses personal information for South Dakota State University purposes and for this sustainability pledge. The information collected will be used and collected for University purposes at University discretion. By providing my name and information, I consent to and give South Dakota State University permission to display my name and any and all information I submit, perpetually, worldwide, in any format, and on the sdstate.edu website indicating that I took the sustainability pledge. South Dakota State University owns all rights to the contents of these pages and submissions thereto.
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